Enterprise Application

Enterprise Resource Planning is for the management of business and now it is increasing on everyday basis. It is particularly a software development which is used to manage all the functions and imformation of an organization. It includes different modules fopr ex planning is there, development of product is there,marketing is there, sales is there.

Wizaco is providing you ERP solutions and services for computerized and quick operation and transaction related to an organization.We provide services for all categories of organization that is big and small.Our expert team develops the ERP application development effectively and efficiently. We have been developing ERP over years and years.

We are here to provide you the best ERP solution with best ERP packages which covers all aspect of organization. We first get the ERP software we make various wireframes for it and then we present it to the client and finally work on that particular mockup which client selected.The progress of every software is given to ERP manager who is responsible for all the ERP software.

Our ERP software consists of travel ERP software,manufacturing ERP software, small business ERP software system,logistics ERP software.


  • ERP Solution for logistics Industries
  • ERP Solution for Travel Industries
  • ERP for Healthcare Industry
  • ERP for College
  • ERP For Real Estate Industry